What is a fashion trend? That is the million dollar question that everyone in the fashion industry would love to have a silver bullet answer to. Designers and buyers spend an inordinate amount of time observing and tweaking (and nail-biting) their choices in order to stay ahead of the curve. The culotte is in one day and a fashion blogger’s nightmare in 3 months. Fashion trends no longer predictably follow seasons.

The way in which fashion trends are created and evolve has changed dramatically since the post-WWII period. After to the second world war, fashion trends evolved according to “Laver’s Law” whereby a trend was first indecent, then shameless and daring before becoming a trend or “smart”, then dowdy, then hideous. The life-cycle of a trend at this time was typically twenty years. Fashion houses relied on “The Bible”, a hardbound book that predicted fashion trends (color, cut, fabric) by season for years in advance.

How things have changed! Runway shows certainly still dictate trends. Major designers take inspiration from art, culture, society, even food for their designs. However, the days of a trend lasting for years are gone. With the advent of 24/7 social media and “connectedness”, trends, more often than not, begin as street-style on a fashion blog or Instagram, and are huge in a few days. In this manner, customers are creating trends as well as demand.

How are designers and buyers to manage the always evolving trend landscape in order to maximize sales? Designers especially benefit from easily implemented, out of the box software solutions to manage inventory, sales, management and so much more that is not core to design work. You can observe the trends, even predict the trends–but you need to manifest those trends into a reasonable time-to-market.

In essence, a fashion trend is money in the bank if you are able to translate the trend as quickly as the trends change.

Are you selling clothes or other fashion products?

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