It’s a Monday morning and I have just booted my PC. I’m waiting for Windows to finalize all the settings when my phone beeps and I clearly recognize the sound. It’s a text message on my work phone and it means something with priority is coming up to my team. I see the customer name in the message and realize that it’s “my” customer. I am the Solution Matter Expert and I will be involved somehow in this.

The ticket that has arrived describes a vendor invoice that fails to post. It throws an error that have not been seen before and the customer is under pressure. Monthly closing is coming up fast and we have to solve this soon. I start to troubleshoot and it’s easy and safe to reproduce the problem in the production environment. I check different reasons but I am not able to find anything that might explain this error.

After a call with the development lead we find new ideas to dive into. After another call with one of my team members we decide to go for the short term solution that has been identified. We do the data change in the table browser and the invoice gets posted in a safe way.

Time flies this morning and I realize that its way beyond tea time! I boil my tea and start to plan step two. During the troubleshooting, the root cause was also found and needs to be fixed. It’s not a big deal but we need to expedite the change quickly to avoid more severe incidents.

Before I start to work on the change request I brief my customer and the Service delivery manager about the next steps and the resources needed. All parties agree to proceed and we start to work on a FDD. I, as the functional consultant, and my colleague in India takes on the development. Despite the urgency I rely on our change-and-deploy process. I know that we will deliver high quality on this change. All our experiences from AM (Application Management team) are implemented in this process and that makes me feel safe. After a loop through the Design>Develop>Test>UAT we are ready for deployment. The deployment went well of course. Doesn’t all blog posts have a happy ending ;)?

This typical day shows what it’s all about in AM

  • The life cycle of a ticket ranges from a day to a week or two. It’s of course very unlike implementing AX (D365OF) where the life cycle and major deadlines are months away.
  • During this day I have summoned an ad hoc team with some of the finest Dynamics brains at Acando. I estimate the experience of AX in today’s team to 60 years.
  • This time the ad hoc team is located in different towns of Sweden, India and Denmark. The next time it might be Sweden, Holland and Latvia. I’m amazed how close I feel with my team mates regardless where we work from.
  • It’s not enough to solve AX issues as an AM partner. We need to offer the customer value through a strong organization, a professional knowledge management and rigid processes that makes our service predictable and safe. When we combine these success factors with all the great colleagues at Acando we create lots of customer value.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such generous and kind colleagues.

“You never walk alone” is a perfect description for my feeling at Acando.

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